Friday, January 30, 2004

Hey, it's an anti-Bush post! 

Increasing spending on missile defense is a dumb idea.

Even if the technology worked, which it currently doesn't, whose missiles are we being shielded from? I would hope that our intelligent capacities aren't so taxed and incompetent that we would miss a terrorist cell securing a launch site for an ICBM.

North Korea doesn't have the ability to hit our shores yet, and even if they were to develop that capacity, wouldn't the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction prevent an attack?

Russia maintains the capacity to reach us, but the solution there is to aide the Russians in the dismantling of their missiles. China might develop the right missiles (this certainly has to be a consideration in their space exploration goals), but can't we give peace and negotiations a chance? Neither the US nor China has any obvious economic incentive to make an enemy of the other.

Bush also needs to be blamed for the growing turmoil in Iraq. Hillary was probably dead right when she said Iraqification was being moved on an artificial timetable that, *wink wink*, just happens to line up with the 2004 election season.
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