Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I like Bush's way better 

First Wesley Clark tells us that Bush doesn't really want to find Osama bin Laden. Then he tells us that if he were president, bin Laden would have been caught already. Now he tells us that he would have deposed of Saddam Hussein by calling for his arrest:

"Present the evidence," General Clark said, "call for his arrest, and arrest him." He did not say how the United States could have executed the arrest before Mr. Hussein's regime was toppled.
Presumably, Clark would have caught bin laden by calling for his arrest too. I'm sure the mullahs would have handed him right over to us. Maybe in an alternative universe where Clark never actually supported the war, this kind of thing would have worked. But I'll stick to supporting invading Iraq as the way to get rid of Saddam.

When the New York Times is mocking someone from the right, it's a clear sign that something is missing. Howard Dean might sound nuts, but I'm starting to believe that Clark might actually be nuts.

ALSO: Tom Maguire compares Clark to Ross Perot.
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