Sunday, January 11, 2004

in the news 

The top two "contagious" stories right now on Blogdex:

1) CBS News/60 Minutes - Bush Sought 'Way' to Invade Iraq?

2) BBC - Suspect shells examined in Iraq.

I wonder if anyone who links to the first article noticed the second article?

Or scroll down to article 20) U.S. Says It Has Proof of Sales to Iraq. Where's the outrage for the civilians harmed or killed because the Iraqi army used a Russian device to throw our munitions off course?

Also be sure to never leave your car keys near a convention of computer geeks:
For relaxation, campers drank microbrews, tossed Frisbees, and disassembled a Toyota Prius, then put it back together again (it was a rental). Clearly, this was not your average technology conference.
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