Thursday, January 15, 2004

Kerry pulls ahead in Iowa 

In the Zogby poll (a.k.a. "crack of the weak", according to The Note). He's currently on top in three-day polling at 22%, while Dean has dropped to a two-way tie with Gephardt for second at 21%. Also, the Edwards surge continues, and he's now at 17%. Zogby :"this race is actually a four-way statistical dead heat." Dean has dropped 7 points in two days, but Zogby says, "Dean is NOT in a free fall."

Even though Kerry is probably my least favorite of the candidates, I hope he does well in Iowa, because as a political junkie I really want to see a brokered convention ("Currently Harold Ford Jr. is likely to lead the seventeenth ballot, with Dennis Kucinich in second place ..."). And it might be time for me to take a second look at John Edwards.
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