Sunday, January 25, 2004

Possibly the worst collectible ever 

A set of 10 2003 New England Patriot 'Stackables'.

You'll note that the website lists Rodney Harrison as one of the players feature. That's actually a lie. The only safety depicted in that set is #36, former Patriot Lawyer Milloy. Rodney Harrison wears #37.

The television commercial selling these crappy dolls specifically states that Milloy appears in that set, so I wonder why they chose to lie about this on their website.

Speaking of television, why does Vanna White still have a job? I was watching Wheel of Fortune this evening, and to my surprise I discovered that they've replaced the puzzle board with a bank of tv monitors. All Vanna does is walk to a tv monitor, touch the tv frame, and pray that the guys in the booth time the change of graphics with her arrival. There's no flipping of letters involved at all anymore. And the girl isn't even trying anymore. She did her point-and-pose job this evening in a pair of wind pants and a baseball T.

Bob Barker had the good sense to hire new models eventually. Someone tell Pat Sajack to smarten up!
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