Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Shhh! Don't tell anybody! 

Glenn Halpern points us to someone who's been invited to join a conspiracy to overthrow that evil George Bush. This conspirator, "Lovernuts", is planning on starting a super-secret website with its own super-secret message board that only he and fellow co-conspirators can access. Apparently, chatting with like-minded people on message boards and agreeing with each other all day is the way to get rid of an elected president. This doesn't seem like the way to go, but I've never been part of a conspiracy before, the hell do I know? Seriously, if these people stop doing useless stuff like this and spend their time doing something more productive and boring, like stuffing envelopes for a local candidate or working on getting voters registered, they wouldn't have as much to whine about because someone they agree with might actually be in power.
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