Friday, January 02, 2004

Shoe's on the other foot 

My conservative friend Jim was all indignant when Jim Jeffords switched parties to the Democrats in 2001. I wonder what he'll say about a Texas Democrat in Congress switching to the Republicans.

UPDATE: Jeffords became an "Independent", not a Democrat. Also, Viking Pundit emails:

At least Hill was refreshingly honest about why he switched parties.

Jeffords, after voting with Republicans for years, suddenly decided that the GOP was too extreme for his views. George Will excoriated him on his lack of conviction.
I think I mostly agree with that, but as I recall my friend's reason for disagreeing with Jefford's switch was that since he was elected as a Republican he shouldn't be able to switch parties after he was elected. I'm eagerly anticipating his explanation for why this same reasoning wouldn't apply to Hill.
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