Friday, January 23, 2004

Sir, we are they 

I had the pleasure of taking Rusty Simmonds' class on the 'Politics of Communication' a few semesters ago. The class covered a lot of ground, but one of the more memorable twenty minute segments was when we discussed the idea that advertisers were hiding explicit images ads, specifically in the colouring of ice cubes, to give their product a subconscious sexual appeal.

The examples presented in class weren't overwhelmingly convincing, the ice cubes proved to be about as erotic as any given cloud, but the theory stuck with me, and now I think I might be able to do Rusty one better. Check out the CD cover art for FIRED UP!. This collection of dance hits currently runs ads on MTV as part of the "sold only through this offer (until next month when we'll realease it everywhere) so buy now and pay a lot" trend that I'm never going to understand.

Does the cover art look at all unusual?


Make sure you're looking at the regular image, and not the larger image. It's been my experience that this smaller image much better resembles the one used on MTV.

Still seeing nothing?

Investigate with your eyes the area between the prongs of the U and the space that stretches from the belly of the P to the circle that forms the bottom half of the exclamation point.

See anything now?

Take one last look.

No wonder MTV is so popular with the young folks, they're selling cds decorated with images of breasts.
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