Wednesday, January 14, 2004

That winning MoveOn ad 

I'm very disappointed with the winner of the MoveOn contest for an anti-Bush ad. The entry that won was reasonable, moderate, and it makes a good point! I was expecting, and hoping for, some crazy stuff about BushitlerCheneyHalliburtonAshcroftFlorida. Instead, what we got was something that says our children will be paying for Bush's $1 trillion deficit. Where's the fun in that? And who would have thought that MoveOn wanted us to cut spending?

MoveOn wants to show the ad during the Super Bowl, but CBS is probably going to say no to that because, according to a spokesman, "it was likely that the spot would pass standards and practices". I'm hoping they approve it, if only to see some of the reactions from people I know when they first see it.

PS Slate needs to stop having the top banner ad be the one for the Ann Coulter doll. That thing is just creepy.
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