Thursday, January 22, 2004

Those "special interests" again ... 

Mickey Kaus on why a populist, us-vs.-them attitude on the "special interests" doesn't work for Democrats:

Are the major problems facing Americans today mainly due to evil corporate interests that need to be defeated? Don't drugs cost money because researching and gaining approval for a drug costs money? And if drugs aren't expensive, don't we want them to be, in that we want drug companies to pursue expensive treatments that save lives as well as cheap treatments that save lives? Drug companies need to make a reasonable profit if they're going to make these investments, and somebody must pay the bill...

Similarly, the problem with Social Security isn't self-interested corporations. It's self-interested seniors who've voted themselves more in benefits than the nation's workers can afford to pay. The trouble is us, not them--Social Security offers up a problem that has to be solved rather than a villain that has to be slain.
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