Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Well duh 

I could have told you this:
Los Angeles: Contrary to popular opinion, school bullies do not suffer from low self-esteem and are often popular and considered "cool" by their classmates, a new study has found.
Here is what is truely frightening:
Most anti-bullying programs in schools were based on the belief that bullies picked on others because they had low self-esteem, Dr Juvonen said. Attention should focus on how to discourage support for bullying behaviour by other students, she said.

"Unless we do something about this peer support and encouragement, we're probably not going to make much headway.

"We need to be addressing bullying not only at the level of individual, aggressive kids, but at the level of the whole social collective. How can we get the other kids to be less supportive of the bully and more supportive of the victim?"
So let me get this straight. Instead of smacking these bullies around and telling them to cut the crap, we're to end bullying by trying to convince a majority of the students who is and who isn't cool? Isn't that only going to make the bullies seem cooler?
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