Saturday, February 07, 2004

The Democrats' Southern problem 

Dean and Rosemary Esmay has the perfect example of why Southerners wouldn't vote for liberals from the Northeast. Yesterday on his show, Bill Maher talked about this problem of the Democrats:

And that's a shame. Not just for Democrats but for democracy itself. And I feel bad for the millions of intelligent people who live in a region still dominated by so much prejudice that anyone who wants to be president better have a twang in his voice and pronounce all four E's in the word "shit."

Sorry, but responding only to people who look and sound like you is small-minded, so if Southerners don't want to have an inferiority complex, I say, "Stop doing things that make reasonable people think you're inferior!"

Like, getting rid of slavery was a good start. But don't quit there: Stop being the place that's always challenging the theory of evolution. What's next, gravity? Is that just a plot by the Jews up North to get people to drop spare change?
If you don't understand why Southerners get offended at something like this and reject people who think like this, then, well, you're probably a Democrat.
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