Monday, February 02, 2004

Did you say ute? What's a ute? 

Of course, there were some goats as well:

--Ricky Manning Jr. He looked pathetic trying to cover the Patriots receivers. One particularly embarrassing moment was when Givens gave him a stiff arm and Manning just fell on his ass. Manning didn't look too great when the other quarterback isn't throwing the ball right to him, as Bulger and McNabb did, and when the receivers didn't give up on the play like the Eagles receivers.

--John Kasay One of the big mysteries of sports is how the best athletes can mess up on simple things when the game is on the line. How hard could it be not to kick the kickoff out of bounds?

--Eugene Wilson and Asante Samuel The two rookies in the Patriots secondary were exposed in this game. A big part of playing in the defensive backfield is knowing the responsibilities of whom to cover, and those two didn't seem to know what they were doing.

--Panthers' front four The only times any of the front four did something significant was when Brady got Kris Jenkins to jump offsides three times. Brady had all day to throw the ball despite missing lineman Damien Woody for the game.

And notably missing from the list, thankfully for all Patriots fans:
--Ken Walter Sure, my grandmother can kick the ball farther than Walter can, but he didn't have a really bad kick (which is about all we can ask of him) and he made good recoveries on a few bad snaps that helped preserve field position early.
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