Thursday, February 05, 2004

East meets.... I don't know, somewhere before New York 

Viking Pundit reports that "people in Western Massachusetts HATE the Big Dig..."

FEH. That's what I say, FEH.

Eric should stop posting fiction to his blog. Asking "people" in "Western" Massachusetts what they think about government matters is a lot like asking a Jersey how well done he prefers to be when served.

Nobody at the Outback cares to think about what the cow's interests are, or how he got zip-locked and shipped around the country, but once he's finally on your plate with the seasoned steak fries and the extra large fixings they serve you, make sure you look your server square in the eye and congratulate them for a job well done.

Seriously, if you guys were to just start your own state the people on Beacon Hill probably wouldn't notice until you start charging landing fees for those free government helicopter rides to and from the Berkshires.

As for the Big Dig, sure it was a massive boondoggle, but it's cut five whole minutes off of my ride into East Boston. My Nonna thanks you for that.
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