Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The George W. Bush Re-election Act 

Also known as today's Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that anything short of gay marriage will be unconstitutional in the state.

I suspect that support for the Federal Marriage Amendment will increase by a wide margin. I was against it before, but now I'm ambivalent. Andrew Sullivan and others can tell us that the Defense of Marriage Act is enough to prevent one state from being forced into recognizing gay marriages from another, and that the courts won't misapply the Full Faith and Credit clause, but after this how can we be so sure? The reason I was against the FMA before was that the language of it was ambiguous and no one was really sure about the scope of the act. Did it also prevent states completely from having gay marriages and civil unions? The possibility that it did turned me against it. But gay marriage isn't that important a political issue is for me, and I'd rather not have it at all if it's going to be forced on the country by the courts.
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