Sunday, February 22, 2004

Happy Days are here again! 

Consider me tickled Red, White, and Blue:
COMIX-FAN: What do you hope to achieve with the series?

PRIEST: I'd love it if Cap were fun and exciting and inspiring. I'd love it if he threw that shield and punched people in the face and said, dammit, this is America, this is justice, this is right. These days, there's a lot of debate about what is justice and what is right and even what is America. I'm tired of holding my head down and feeling conflicted. I like writing a guy who isn't conflicted. [emphasis my own]

Captain America, at the end of the day, makes us feel good about who we are. Not a perfect people, and not a nation bereft of issues. But a great nation nonetheless. In its most basic definition, any Captain America comic book must be a reaffirmation of our beliefs. It is a feel-good comic book, and a character who allows us to see the very best in ourselves. If I can achieve that, in any measurable sense, that's a good goal to have...
My prayers have been answered!
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