Sunday, February 15, 2004

It's not the hijab, stupid 

Sarah Wildman follows up on a point David Adsenik from Oxblog once made, namely that economic matters are the cause of unrest in the French muslim population. Religious intolerance is just not a solution for anything.

How about this fantastic ending to her piece:
The great irony of the current episode is that most of those who wear the headscarf do truly want to be a part of French society. One of the original three girls from Creil, interviewed in Le Monde just two days ago, expressed regret at having been forced to leave her public school 15 years ago. And some of the girls protesting the law recently have gone so far as to wear the French tri-color flag wrapped about their heads as a hijab. "These girls demonstrate as French girls, with Muslim principles and Muslim beliefs, but are French above all," Mayoufi says. If only the French themselves could see that.
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