Sunday, February 08, 2004

re: The Democrats' Southern problem 

I watched some of the Bill Maher show the other night, and came away with two thoughts.

1) How awful a comedian is Rob Schneider if he's constantly being upstaged by Andrew Sullivan?

Oh right... The Animal. Capitalism victimizes itself again.

2) It's good to be able to laugh at Bill Maher again. For all the things wrong with his particular world view, you have to admit that these two jokes were fall-off-the-couch funny:
Like, getting rid of slavery was a good start. But don't quit there: Stop being the place that's always challenging the theory of evolution. What's next, gravity? Is that just a plot by the Jews up North to get people to drop spare change?


The time has come to move on. The time has come to consider voting for a Yankee. Howard Dean's Vermont is no longer where carpetbaggers come from. Carpet munchers -- yes.
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