Thursday, February 05, 2004

That history thing 

The following is from page 30 of The George W. Bush Presidency: An Early Assessment, edited by Fred I. Greenstein:
In the 1978 (Congressional) election... young George's network of outside support turned into an insurmountable liability. His Democratic opponent hammered away on the theme that a blue-blooded Easterner was using family resources to become a pretend Texan. And, as in 1964 (when H.W. ran for a Senate seat from Texas and lost), the elitist-carpetbagger label stuck to a Bush... Bush learned a lesson when he realized he had been beaten by an opponent who had defined him and had stayed on that simple message.
Instapundit quotes Virginia Postrel, who believes this lesson has been lost on the current White House (as it was lost on his father's White House before him), potentially foretelling political doom again for the Bush's in 2004.
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