Monday, February 02, 2004

UMass Musings 

I really do need to spend this free period studying, but since one of the key traits of blogging is to record thoughts as they occur I thought I should check in with this observation.

Last semester we had a Lieberman mole on campus, this semester it looks like the President is moving in. Just spied by me tacked to the bulletin board in the Political Science Student Lounge: Four Bush "Help Keep American Strong - Be a Bush Team Leader" pamphlets. Inside the pamphlets ask you to become a Bush Team Leader by:
1) Recruiting Five other Team Leaders
2) Sign up 10 Friends to Receive Bush E-mail Updates
3) Help Identify, Register and Turn Out Voters for President Bush
4) Write Letters to the Editor, Call Talk-Radio Shows and Send E-mails to Friends
5) Host a Block Party at Your Home
6) Volunteer for the President at Local Events
Four flyers may not seem like a huge presence to the casual observer, but my campus is a place where cardboard kiosks that provide the Boston Herald daily for free are covered in graphitti stating "Free crappy lies!"
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