Thursday, February 05, 2004

What an off-season in New England 

The Boston Red Sox have announced that single game tickets will be put on sale this Saturday, February 7. Eager Sox fans can begin purchasing tickets at 9 a.m. at the box office or at 10 a.m. over the phone a mere five days removed from their post Superbowl hangovers.

In an unrelated story, the building above North Station mysteriously collapsed late last evening. Local officials have been unable to determine the extent of the damage to the local economy due to a general lack of understanding for what business was conducted inside.

"We think the leprechaun may have gotten tired of the cold showers, and instead chose to bring the place down" a man who would only identify himself as "Danny A." told local authorities conducting an investigation on Causeway Street. "Recent vibes from this building made the House of Usher seem warm and fuzzy. Luckily this place fell twice as fast."
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