Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Friend or Foe? 

Since I don't already have enough to do already (my school career ends three weeks from tomorrow) I thought I'd try something brand new: Game Show Network blogging!

I just saw an episode of the game show Friend or Foe. Former MTV VJ Kennedy asks questions to 2 teams of randomly paired contestants who vie to amass points/dollars in their "trust box" (on loan from Al Gore maybe?).

The show's twist comes at the end. The team with the fewest points (this process is repeated with the 'winning' team after they go through an additional round to earn money) is taken over to a podium where Kennedy quizzes each teammate about a particularly lame story from their past when they double-crossed a friend. This interaction is key because these contestants are about to cast a secret ballot, either friend or foe. The show features the prisoner's dilemma: if both contestants vote friend they'll split their earnings, if they both vote foe they each walk away with nothing, and if one votes friend while the other votes foe the contestant who voted foe keeps all the earnings.

On this one episode both sets of strangers agreed to split their earnings, and in both cases one partner voted friend while the other voted foe. The prisoner's dilemma proves itself out again!
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