Monday, May 03, 2004

Mr./Ms. Irrelevant 

The Boston Globe has coverage of the Kerry Veep search.

A name conspicuously missing from the article is Mary Landreu. John, you could do way worse than Mary Landreu! (This is an important evaluation, since VP candidates seem to matter only when they're bad.) She's a charming, moderate, senator from the South with a wonderful TV presence. She's practically John Edwards in a skirt (*shudders at the image*).

As a woman she'll bring an "I feel your pain" empathy to your campaign (America is all to willing to see women as motherly... well charming southern women, Hillary never quite got the benefit of that prejudice), and her "Military Mary" reputation certainly would allow you to contrast her record with Bush & Cheney's when it comes to issues like veterans benefits and the like.
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