Friday, January 23, 2004

This is becoming a daily thing 

For the third time in three days, Wesley Clark said something that makes me question whether I'd rather have Howard Dean as president.

Today he's complaining about a question from Brit Hume (who works for FoxNews) in the debate yesterday on his credentials as a Democrat. It's a legitimate question, since Clark has often voted for Republican presidents in the past and had praised Bush as late as last year. It's also a question that many Democratic primary voters still have. But according to Clark, Hume was carrying the Republican agenda by asking the question. "I looked at who was asking the questions, and I think that was part of the Republican agenda in the debate." Making an ad hominem attack won't exactly endear yourself to the moderate voters, though it might convince some Democrats that he's one of them, which I guess was the point. And it makes him look like a jerk, again.

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